What is a carer’s assessment?

What is a carer’s assessment?

If you are caring for someone else aged 18 or over on a regular basis, without being paid for it, you are entitled to have a carer’s assessment.

Assessing the support you need

The assessment provides you with the opportunity to tell Solihull Adult Social Care what support you need to be a carer.

It also allows the Adult Care and Support team to understand your needs, and allows them to work with you to decide what level of support is required to help you in the best way.

The professionally trained staff at your local Community Advice Hub could help you understand carer's assessments more. The hubs are managed on behalf of Solihull Council by Age UK Solihull and supported by other organisations including Carers Trust Solihull and DIAL Solihull.

The right assessment

There are different kinds of assessments to ensure that the right support is given to the right people in the right way.

In addition to carer’s assessments, there are:

  • Care Act assessments - for adults who may have care and support needs
  • Children Act assessments for disabled children under 18, their parents and family, and young carers under the age of 18
  • parent carers needs assessment for parents and family members caring for disabled children

Young carers can also request their own carer’s assessment.

Carer’s who share responsibilities with others can each have their own carer’s assessment as long as each carer provides care on regular basis.

The Carers UK website or Adviceline on 0808 808 777 can help if you are unsure which assessment you should take.

Request your carer's assessment

You can request a carers assessment by contacting Carers Trust Solihull or you can choose to:

You will need to have the following details to hand to complete your assessment:

  • your name, contact details and your needs as a carer
  • the name, address, contact details and care needs of the person you look after

If you have your assessment at home, it will be carried out by a qualified assessor who is often a social worker. You do not have to have your assessment at home. You can have your assessment at a time and a place that suits you.

The assessment will normally take place in private and face-to-face. It can also take place over the phone if you are happy with that.

If you have difficulty understanding, remembering or using information, or have difficulty getting your point across, you may want to use an advocate. An advocate is someone who can help you be heard, represent you and support you with your assessment. You can also choose to:

The carer's assessment process

Your assessment will allow the Adult Care and Support team to identify and discuss your support needs and how best to meet them. The assessment will concentrate on your whole life. It will look at your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing (how you feel) and how support will help you achieve results, or outcomes, in your life. Your assessment will also talk about:

  • the impact the care and support you provide has on your own wellbeing
  • the impact it has on the important elements of your life
  • what you want to achieve day to day
  • whether you work or want to work
  • whether you study or want to study
  • whether you want to do more socially

It will also talk about your ability and wishes to carry on with your carer’s role and what changes can be made to allow you continue to provide care and improve your own life.

The process may also involve a chat about local groups, charities and organisations that could help, and let you know how to get in touch with them.

Solihull Adult Care and Support services will also:

  • check that the person you care for lives in Solihull Metropolitan Borough or has their main home here. Please carefully read the information about Ordinary Residence provided below
  • create a carers and support plan and, if applicable, an estimated carers personal budget
  • if applicable, let you know how much you have to pay for your care, (how much your contribution will be)

Solihull resident - Ordinary Residence

This part of the process is to check that the person you care for lives in the borough with what is called ‘Ordinary Residence’ status:

  • This finds out which council pays for your support
  • Understandably, it can be a complicated process
  • However, it is likely the person you care for has lived in Solihull for most of their life and will not be affected by it

For further information, please take a look at:

You can also ask the person completing your assessment with you for a full explanation of the Ordinary residence provision.

If the person you care for does not ordinarily reside in Solihull, you will be supported by the social care and support team while the appropriate Local Authority is contacted.

Save a copy of the assessment

You can download and open a file or document of the carers assessment to your own computer. Selecting the links below will automatically start the download from the Solihull Council website. Some of these files are very large.

Once the file opens you can save or print it. Please remember that some of these files are very large and may require a lot of paper and black and coloured ink to print successfully.
You can choose to:

What happens after the assessment?

Once your assessment has taken place you will be sent a copy of it. You will also be sent an estimate of your personal budget if you are entitled to receive support from Solihull Care and Support team.

Whether you can receive care and support from Solihull Council will be based on the results of your assessment against the outcomes in the national eligibility criteria.

The amount of your actual care and support budget will be confirmed once your carers support plan has been put together. This allows the costs of your carers support plan to be better understood.

A carers support plan will also be created to make sure you continue to get the support you need.

Your care and support plan will be reviewed by Solihull Care and Support services within 6 to 8 weeks.

Further reviews will take place a minimum of once every 12 months.

What if I do not agree with the assessment?

If you do not meet the national eligibility criteria the Adult Social Care team will show you Solihull MyLife and the Solihull Directory to:

  • provide you with information and advice on what community support is available
  • discuss services which you can pay to receive
  • explore ways that you might find funding to pay for them

You will always have an opportunity to give feedback about your assessment and, if you disagree with the results, you can ask for this to be looked at again.

In the first instance, the reassessment may be completed by the person completing it with you the first time.

If you are still not satisfied, you can take your complaint to Solihull Council Complaints Team.


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