National eligibility criteria (NEC) for care and support

National eligibility criteria for care and support

Care and support assessments are conducted according to a set of national eligibility criteria.

They are provided on 2 levels for people:

The criteria ensure a fair and transparent assessment for everyone. It means that your needs will be identified according to you and your ability to achieve the life you want to live.

The trained staff at your local Community Advice Hub can explain national eligibility criteria for care and support, and the care and support assessment process, in more detail face to face. The hubs are managed on behalf of Solihull Council by Age UK Solihull and supported by other organisations including DIAL Solihull and Carers Trust Solihull providing support for carers.

National eligibility criteria 

The national eligibility criteria mean that your needs have to:

  • be caused by or be related to a physical or mental impairment or illness
  • mean that you are unable to achieve 2 or more of the specified outcomes outlined below
  • significantly impact on your life and wellbeing as a result of not being unable to meet the specified outcomes

Solihull Care and Support services will be able to provide you with help if you meet all 3 of these conditions.

Specified outcomes

The specified outcomes which are measured as part of the national eligibility criteria will be tailored to your situation. Typically, they can include:

  • managing and maintaining a healthy nutrition
    • the balance of your diet and your ability to prepare and plan meal will be considered
  • maintaining your personal hygiene
    • your ability to wash yourself and your clothes will be considered
  • managing your toilet needs
    • any toiletry conditions such as incontinence that you experience will be considered
  • being able to dress appropriately
    • your ability to dress for the season, the weather and conditions will be considered
  • being able to move around and get into your home safely
    • your safety at home and your ability to safely get into your home will be considered
  • keeping your home sufficiently clean and safe
    • your ability to clean and tidy your home and live their safely will be considered
  • being able to develop and maintain family or other personal relationships
    • your risk of being lonely and/or isolated will be considered
  • accessing and engaging in work, training, education or volunteering
    • the opportunities that are available to you in your area will be considered
  • being able to safely use necessary facilities or services in the local community
    • how easy or difficult it is for you to get to and use public transport, parks, shops and so on will be considered
  • carrying out any caring responsibilities
    • your ability to care for children or others will be considered if necessary

Solihull’s duty to you

Solihull Adults Care and Support team have a duty to assess anyone who appears to be in need of care and support.

Everyone is entitled to an assessment because of:

  • a serious illness
  • a physical disability
  • a learning disability
  • mental health problems
  • frailty
  • old age

Assessments can be offered by Solihull Council or requested by you or your carer. Care providers or other professionals such as your GP can also refer you for an assessment.

Carer support

If you are caring for someone on a regular and substantial basis, you are also entitled to help. A carer’s assessment gives you the chance to share your experiences as a carer and:

  • talk about your own needs
  • understand how your role affects you
  • see how support could make things better

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