Residential homes and nursing homes

Residential homes and nursing homes

Keeping independent and living at home for as long as you can helps you feel brighter and happier. Staying in your own home is what most people want and there is help in your homeavailable.

There are also a number of housing options available which can support you to live independently in accommodation that suits you better, including:

These options give you your own front door. However, if you are finding it increasingly difficult to live at home, it may be that moving into residential care could be appropriate.

Residential homes and nursing homes in Solihull

There are a number of residential homes and nursing homes in Solihull. Some are private and others are run by voluntary organisations, with many having specialist expertise in areas such as dementia care.

There are also a number of residential homes for people with learning or physical disabilities.

Residential care homes and nursing homes are often both called care homes. However, there are clear differences in what they provide:

Residential care homes provide 24 hour a day support from care workers for:

  • meals and drinks
  • personal care including:
  • help with getting out of bed
  • washing and going to the toilet
  • getting dressed and undressed
  • eating and drinking

Nursing care homes provide the support that residential care homes provide as well as qualified nursing staff 24 hours a day for residents with higher levels of medical care and more complex needs.

Help to select the best residential care

If you would like to talk about what residential care is available, you can visit the Community Advice Hubs presented and managed by Age UK Solihull on behalf of Solihull Council. The hubs are also supported by other organisations such as BID Services, DIAL Solihull and Healthwatch. The hubs can be visited in:

If you would like the Solihull Council adult social care team to help you select a home that is suitable for you can:

You can also get help selecting the best residential care home in Solihull from:

Choosing your residential care

As well as the Solihull Directory, you can check for residential care homes and nursing homes in your area on the Care Quality Commission (CQC) website:

You can also look at the latest Inspection Report prepared by the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator of care homes, to see how they are performing and compare the results to national and local standards.

Checking out the website for each home is a good way to find out more information too, while each home should be able to send you its own brochure if you prefer.

Visiting the home personally and asking questions can also help.

You may also find our tips to choose residential carehelpful.

Whichever home you are considering moving into, including your friends, family and loved ones in the decision making process can help a great deal too.

Assessing care and support needs when things become difficult

If you have care and support needs, you may be entitled to support from Solihull Council adult social care.

If you are finding it very difficult to live safely at home and are concerned, or you are concerned about somebody else, you can ask the social care team for an assessment.

A qualified worker will work with you, and your carer or representative if you would like trusted support, to discuss your needs and identify how to help.

The assessment will take place in your own home or wherever is most convenient for you and talk about what support you need to let you live your life in the best way possible by:

  • understanding your care and support needs
  • helping you maintain and improve your personal wellbeing

The cost of residential care in Solihull

The cost of your care will depend on the particular home you choose and on your own financial circumstances.

You may have to contribute to the cost of your care and a financial assessmentwill ensure that you can afford your contribution. You can visit the paying for care page for more information.

Healthwatch Solihull

Healthwatch Solihull is the independent consumer champion for health and social care in Solihull. If you have concerns about a residential or nursing home in Solihull you can report these to Healthwatch.

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