Carers’ breaks and respite care

Carers’ breaks and respite care

Everyone needs time and space to get away from it all, even if only for a short while, and this is certainly true for carers.

Your carer’s assessment will help tell if you need a break from caring duty. This is known as respite care and it will be discussed as you plan the support you need.

There are also a number of different ways in which you can take some time out, which you can also learn more about during your assessment.

You could need 1 to 2 hours each week for example, or perhaps a couple of days every now and then.

Replacement and respite (temporary) care

Replacement care, or respite care, is designed to let you have temporary cover in your caring role. A person who is able to provide the same level of care to the person you care for as you can allow you to spend time on your own needs.

Respite care can help in many different situations.

For example, the respite care could allow you to catch up on your sleep, cover visits to your doctor or simply to let you have time alone.

Respite care is typically provided through:

  • residential care - where the person you care for is looked after by someone else away from where they usually live
  • day sitting service - where the person you care for lives allowing you a break during the day
  • night sitting service - where the person you care for lives allowing you to catch up on your sleep
  • short breaks away - where the person you care for can have a break themselves

Your carer’s assessment will highlight areas where respite care may be needed.

Services could be provided as part of your care and support plan, or you could use the Solihull Directory to arrange your own care.

For further information on respite care you can contact Carers Trust Solihull by:

Carers Trust Solihull at your local Community Advice Hub

You can also get information and advice about respite care and carer's breaks from Carers Trust Solihull at your local Community Information and Advice Hub.

You can visit the hubs in:

Downing Close short breaks service

Downing Close short breaks service, provided by Solihull Council Adult Social Care, offers individual support to adults with learning disabilities while their carers can take a well deserved break from care.

The service is available for all lengths of visit, from a few hours during the day up to a 2 week stay, helping people develop social experiences and encouraging them to learn new skills.

Call Downing Close short breaks service on 01564 739 478 for more information.

Paying for respite care

Your personal budget will consider your needs and you will be able to use your direct payments to arrange your respite care as you require.

You may be able to use your direct payments to pay for respite care with providers in the Solihull Directory

You could also get help paying for the care and managing your money so you find yourself with a little more to cash play with each month.

Are you Carer Aware?

To learn more about the hard work of carers, you can take some time to study the Carer Aware course from Solihull Council which:

  • looks at who carers are
  • shows what carers do day to day
  • hears from carers in their own words
  • gives you a sense of what life is like for many of Solihull's carers

If you would like to find out more about the role and rights of carers and how they can be supported you can take part in the Carer Aware online course where all your questions will be answered and you can:

  • revisit the course as often as you wish
  • take the test and get your certificate

Carer’s breaks

There are a number of organisations offering accessible holidays and affordable holidays for carers, whether you want to get away on your own or have a fully accessible break with the person you care for.

Carers Identity Card

Carers can get out and about in Solihull, Birmingham and across the region with a discount by using the Carers Identity Card (ICE) from Carers Trust Solihull.

The card is designed for use in an emergency to let people know you are a carer and have extra responsibilities.

As well as being able to help in the event of an emergency, being a Carers Identity Card carrier also gives you a number of benefits throughout Solihull, including discounts in:

You can also benefit from discounts and other offers at nearby venues in Birmingham and the Black Country, including:

Holidays for parents of children with a disability - Family Link

Family Link is here for parents with children with a disability.

The Family Link scheme pairs up local people, known as link carers, with disabled children and their families to provide short breaks for parents of children with disabilities.

Family Link carers look after the children for short periods of time, up to a total of 28 days per year, providing valuable rest and respite.

Family Link can help:

  • families spend more time together and concentrate on their other children
  • parents, brothers, sisters and carers recharge their batteries, knowing their disabled child is safe and happy
  • provide disabled children with a change of scenery
  • allow disabled children to benefit from new experiences
  • help people to create new relationships, expand their horizons and build new friendships

Become a link carer

Family Link also offers great advantages for link carers too. It is a great way for people to get involved with their local community and is very rewarding.

Family Link carers:

  • are ordinary individuals, couples or families
  • come from all ages, background cultures and backgrounds
  • can offer care in their own home to a child with a disability

Solihull Council provides training and support to all link carers, as well as providing all carers with an allowance to help with the costs of providing this important and much relied upon service.

If you think you would like to help, the team would love to hear from you. To arrange a visit in your own home to explain more about the scheme and help you decide if it is right for you you can contact the Family Link team by:

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