Heading into adulthood

Heading into adulthood

If you are a young person about to become an adult it can be an exciting time. It can also be a complicated time.

If you have care and support needs the transition to adulthood can be even more challenging. It is important to ensure that your move is as smooth as possible and understand the changing needs you will have as you start your life as an adult.

Transition into adult social care

The adult social care team at Solihull Council will usually start having a conversation with you, and your parents and carers, about transitioning to adulthood as you approach 17 years old.

This may be later for young customers with a learning disability or a physical disability. If your issues are complex, this advice and guidance could start earlier.

These conversations can take place within your home or at a place and time that is more suitable and convenient to you.

The advice will focus on what adult social care services are available, how you can use these services and how the relationship will continue.

It will also discuss the best time for you to have your adult care and support needs assessment.

Care and support as you become an adult

A care and support needs assessment will take place as you approach adulthood with Solihull adult social care services if:

  • you live with a physical disability as you approach 18 years old
  • you are living with a learning disability as you approach 18 years old
  • you are experiencing a long term health condition at 17 years old

care and support plan will be agreed with you.

Depending on your individual needs and circumstances, your care and support planning may also involve discussions about:

If you are a carer you will have a support needs assessment at 16 years old and a support plan will be created.

Young adult carers with Carers Trust Solihull

A young adult carer is someone who works in a carer's role and is aged between 16 and 25 years old.

Carers are also supported into adulthood with the Carers Trust Solihull Young Adult Carers initiative.

At the centre there is a dedicated Young Adult Carers team which provide specialist support to help with the move from children’s to adult social services.

You can visit the Carers Trust Solihull website to find out more about how the team can help with services including:

  • 1 to 1 support and group support
  • your options to continue with education or head into training and employment
  • help to manage your finances
  • socialising with other carers and getting out

Transition with Experts by Experience

The Solihull Experts by Experience team work with Solihull Council in many ways.

The current projects include working on a better transition process for young people to adult social care services.

The Experts by Experience have hosted Transition Workshops with parents to discuss concerns and issues and help people to prepare for adult life. Their views are shared with the Council to help improve the processes and ways of working in the future.

If you would like to get involved with Experts by Experience, you can visit the volunteering and getting involved page to find out more and how you can take part.

Transition to adulthood with the NHS

As a young person with ongoing healthcare needs, your care will probably move to an adult health team as you get older with both teams having conversations with you.

Both your children's and adult teams will discuss your ongoing care with you and your parents and carers will also be involved in the process.

Further advice is available about your transition to adulthood with the NHS. You can visit the NHS Choices website for information about transition planning for:

Community Advice Hubs

Your local Community Information and Advice Hub could put you in contact with the best support and activities to help you approach life as an adult. The hubs also offer support to you if you are carer.

You can visit the hubs in:

The Solihull Directoryis also available to help and may have details of local charities and providers and national charities working locally.

Contacting adult social care

If you are a young person about to become an adult and want to know more about your care and support assessment and planning, you can contact the Solihull adult social care team by:

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