Extra care housing

Extra care housing

Staying in your own home and being surrounded with the people, belongings and memories that mean most to you is the way most of us would like to live. With your own home being in your community too, it can help you get the best out of life inside and outside your home.

Staying in your own home is possible for most people today, with plenty of services that can help you:

For some people who need support to live independently, living at home is not suitable.

If you are over 55 years old and feel that you can no longer live safely at home, or someone you care for is unable to cope at home, extra care housing may help.

Extra care housing is also known as:

  • very sheltered housing
  • assisted living
  • housing with care

Supported living is provided to adults with a learning disability.

Extra care housing in Solihull

Extra care housing offers a new way of supporting you to live independently for as long as you possibly can.

There are a number of extra care housing options in Solihull.

It gives you the privacy and security of a home of your own, with your own front door, together with:

  • a range of facilities on the premises
  • access to onsite care staff 24 hours a day (you will need to look after yourself for parts of the day)
  • support services such as hot meals and personal care 24 hours a day

Supported living services in Solihull

The supported living service in Solihull provides home care, also known as domiciliary care, to you if you are an adult with a learning disability living in your own home.

The service is designed to help you be as independent as you can be, including:

  • taking part in your local community
  • getting a job and working
  • taking supported trips and holidays
  • making your own choices
  • playing an active part in every part of your life.

Staff are committed and trained to provide care and support and customers, friends, families and carers are encouraged to help get the best results for every individual.

Understanding extra care housing with Solihull Home Options

In Solihull we see extra care housing as:

  • providing as much care as a registered residential care service
  • meeting the same complexity and intensity of an individual’s needs as registered residential care can provide if this is needed
  • purpose-designed self-contained accommodation with your own front door
  • communal spaces, facilities and activities
  • opportunities to be part of a community
  • links to the wider local community
  • on-site care and support
  • benefits from the use of the latest useful gadgets

To find out more details about how extra care housing could help you, or to discuss your exact housing needs, you can contact Solihull Community Housing’s Home Options Team by:

Alternatively, you can visit one of the local Solihull Connect walk in centres

You can also:

Finding the best extra care housing for you

Solihull Home Options provides advice about a number of extra care housing schemes in the borough.

Schemes are located at:

You can also find extra care housing providers in the Solihull Directory.

If you would like to talk about extra care housing and other housing options with someone face to face, you can visit the Community Information and Advice Hubs presented and managed by Age UK Solihull, and supported by other agencies including DIAL Solihull, in:

If you require a social care assessment to support your application please contact us by:

Assessing care and support needs when things become difficult

If you have care and support needs, you may be entitled to housing support from Solihull Adult Social Care.

If you are finding it very difficult to live safely at home and are concerned, or you are concerned about another person, you can contact us to request an assessment.

A qualified worker will work with you, and your carer or representative if you would like, to discuss your needs and identify how to help.

To understand your level of care, an assessment will be conducted. The assessment will take place in your own home or wherever is most convenient for you.

The assessment process will discuss what support you need to let you live your life in the best way possible, from understanding your care and support needs to helping maintain and improve your personal wellbeing.

The cost of extra care in Solihull

The cost of your care will depend on the particular accommodation you choose and on your financial circumstances:

  • you may have to contribute to the cost of your care
  • a financial assessment will ensure that you can afford your contribution
  • see the paying for care page for more information

You will also be required to pay rent and other property related costs for extra care housing. The amount you pay for this will also depend on your financial circumstances.

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