Your housing options

Your housing options

Most people prefer to live at home and have their own front door, and to have a full and active part in their community, socialise with friends and spend time with the family.

Whether you are looking for housing to rent or buying your first home, there are a variety of housing options for you throughout the borough.

If you are paying for your residential care, you can visit the paying for your own care page to find out more about the help and support that is available.

Your housing options

For an individual discussion about what housing options are available, you can contact Solihull Community Housing for detailed advice.

If you would like to discuss your housing options with somebody in person, the Community Advice Hubs are also available. You can visit the hubs, which are presented and managed by Age UK Solihull for Solihull Council, and supported by other agencies, in:

General information about owning and renting a property is also available from the GOV.UK website housing pages.

Keeping up with mortgage payments and paying your rent

Whether you have bought a house with a mortgage or are in rented accommodation, it is important to keep your payments up to date.

Rent payments and mortgage payments are priority debts. This means that if you do not pay on time, you could lose your home.

Help is available for you if you are having:

Support to success can also help with its Getting help with debt leaflet.

Money advice is also available from:

Advice and information is available on homelessness prevention if you are experiencing a housing problem, consider yourself homeless or about to be. For an individual discussion about the prevention of homelessness, you can contact Solihull Community Housing for detailed advice whether you rent your home or own it.

You can also contact us by:

First time house buying options in Solihull

Having a place to call home is an ambition for many people but, it is increasingly hard to get on the property ladder. There are schemes available to help people.

The most important part of buying a home is saving the deposit.

Typically, first-time buyers will need a deposit of between 5 per cent and 20 per cent of the cost of the home.

For example, if you were buying a home which costs £150,000:

  • a 5 per cent deposit would be £7,500
  • a 20 per cent deposit would be 30,000

The higher the deposit you can save, the greater access to better mortgage deals you will have.

The Help to Buy ISA can help boost your savings for a deposit by 25%. For every £200 you save you can get a £50 bonus up to a maximum of £3,000. If you save £12,000, the government bonus will boost your total savings to £15,000.

To help get your finances in order the Support to Success leaflet to Get Budgeting may help.

You may also find it useful to take a look through the Support to Success Getting a bank account leaflet.

The Money Advice Service website has an extensive guide to how you can save for a deposit, find the best mortgage, negotiate the best house price and navigate the mortgage process.

Help to Buy in Solihull

Solihull Council is committed to helping local people make the first step on the property ladder through a range of schemes provided by Help to Buy Midlands.

This offers a range of affordable home ownership products developed to help people living in Solihull buy the best home, including:

Under Shared Ownership, house buyers buy a percentage share in the property, typically 25 per cent to 75 per cent, with a housing association buying the rest.

Priority for the Shared Ownership scheme is given to:

  • Solihull Council tenants
  • those who are already on the Solihull Council housing register
  • tenants of housing associations

You can learn more about the Help to Buy Midlands affordable homes schemes by visiting the:

Homes for people with long-term disabilities

If you are living with a long-term disability, specific support is also available. Help is available to assist people with long-term disabilities to purchase a share in a home through the HOLD shared ownership scheme.

Further information about HOLD in Solihull is available from Help to Buy Midlands.

Housing for the armed forces

Help is also available to members of the armed forces through the Forces Help to Buy scheme.

The home ownership scheme allows all servicemen and servicewomen to borrow up to half of their salary, without having to pay interest free, to buy a first home or a suitable property while on assignment.

The scheme, which is a pilot scheme for 3 years since 2014, is open to you if you are regular service personnel and:

  • you have completed your prerequisite length of service
  • you have more than 6 months left to serve when you apply
  • you meet the right medical categories

Exceptions for medical, personal and other circumstances can be made.

Housing options for older people

Help is also available to elderly people in Solihull. You can read about your housing options with the Different types of housing to suit your needs guide from Age UK.

Renting a home in Solihull

For those not buying a home there are a wide range of housing rental options in the borough.

You can visit the Solihull Council website to learn more about:

Solihull Council housing

A number of important council housing services in Solihull are provided by Solihull Community Housing.

You can visit the Solihull Community Housing website directly to find information about:

Further, general information about owning and renting a property is available from the housing pages.

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