Tell someone

Tell someone

Tell someone to reduce the risk of falls

People who have already experienced a fall are more at risk of suffering another fall so if you’ve fallen recently you should take extra precautions.

If someone you know has had a slip, trip or fall recently (even if it was a near miss), you may be able to help them. Whatever the reason, the most important thing is that someone else knows. This can help you or them to tackle the reason for the fall, which could be simple to fix and prevent further falls.

A number of people can help, these include:

  • Family and friends - can help you de-clutter and fix things around the home that might have caused you to fall
  • Doctor or other health professional - can check your health and do a falls risk assessment, including medication reviews
  • Community Advice Hubs - can advise you of ways to reduce your risk of falls and put you in touch with local services who provide pendant alarms, grab rails for your home and much more
  • Solihull Connect Adult Social Care - ring Solihull Council on 0121 704 8007 to discuss care and support needs in your home