Social care charges

Social care charges

Solihull social care services provide care and support to those who need it. Help is provided to people who:

  • live with a physical or learning disability
  • have a long-term medical condition
  • are frail due to old age

People that are not entitled to care and support from Solihull Council social care will need to pay the full cost or make a contribution to the cost of their care.

Financial assessment

You will have a Care Act or carer’s assessment to see what help is required and to set a personal budget to help you live your life.

The services you receive are chargeable and you may have to pay towards your personal budget to meet these costs. The amount you can afford to contribute to your personal budget is worked out through a financial assessment.

The financial assessment will look at your income, savings and benefits. It will also look at any disability related expenditure costs or housing costs you may have

Depending on the outcome of the financial assessment you may have to contribute an amount to or pay the full cost of your care.

If you have savings of more than £23,250, or you do not want to have a financial assessment, you will have to pay the full cost of your care.

Charges for care

…for Transport

Your transport contribution is £6.90 for each return journey. It does not matter how far the journey is.

…for Telecare (useful gadgets) and Assistive Technology

The cost of telecare and assistive technology varies depending on service use. Details of services and charges can be found on the SCH Wellbeing Service website.

…for Day services

Day care contributions are based on the number of days, or parts of a full day, that the service is attended. Day care services costs per day for:

  • older people are presently charged at £52.70
  • people with physical disabilities at £101.60
  • learning disabilities at £54.10

BBC care calculator

You can also find out more about social care charges that you may have to pay from the care calculator on the BBC website.

To use the calculator you just need to:

  • select whether you are looking for information for yourself or someone else
  • enter your full postcode
  • answer a short series of questions

Top up payments

If you have decided to move into a residential home or a nursing home which is more expensive than the cost met by Solihull Council, you may be able to top up the difference yourself or with the help of a third party.

A third party simply means somebody else which is not you or the council.

This means that you can get help from members of your family, friends or charities.

To use third party top up payments the person or organisation contributing to your care will need to have a contract to formalise the agreement with Solihull Council.

You can read more by downloading our Choice of Accommodation and Top-ups information leaflet.

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