Volunteering and getting involved

Volunteering and getting involved

One of the best ways to stay active and keep busy is to volunteer and get involved with your local community.

Becoming a volunteer is a great way to stay in touch with friends, make new friends and do things with your family. It is ideal if you spend a lot of time on your own, have problems getting around or if you live with sensory loss.

It is great also for people with other health issues or if you are just looking for something to do.

Volunteering and getting involved in Solihull

Volunteering and taking part is not all about giving something back to the community and helping out others.

Getting involved is also personally rewarding by helping you grow in confidence and become more independent. It can also give you a wonderful feeling of achievement and satisfaction.

There are many ways to volunteer and get involved throughout Solihull, whether you can give a little time each week, work part-time or at evenings, or give a little more.

Taking a look through the Solihull Directory can point you in the direction of some volunteering ideas, while there are many other opportunities in the Solihull area too.


The Do-It website, backed by Solihull Sustain, is an easy way of finding volunteering opportunities that are available throughout Solihull.

With around 70 opportunities within 5 miles of the Council House and 600 with 10 miles, getting out and involved is easy.

You can see what suits your interests and skills, and what is closest to where you live, with Do-it’s excellent search tool.

Become a Family Link carer

The Family Link scheme introduces local people, known as link carers, with parents and their disabled children and families to provide short breaks.

Family Link carers look after the children for short periods of time, up to a total of 28 days per year, providing valuable rest and respite.
It is a great way for people to get involved with their local community too, with Family Link helping families to relax and spend more quality time together.

Family Link offers great advantages for link carers too, including training, support and an allowance to cover any costs.

A thoroughly rewarding thing to do, Family Link carers:

  • are ordinary individuals, couples or families
  • come from all ages, background cultures and backgrounds
  • can offer care in their own home to a child with a disability

If you’d like to get involved contact the Family Link team by calling 0800 073 0769 or email ssplace@solihull.gov.uk.

Love Solihull

Love Solihull aims to inspire and encourage everyone in the borough to make Solihull a better place.

Love Solihull builds on the great work that individuals and community groups are carrying out across the borough already.

To join in, get involved and make a difference, you can contact Love Solihull by:

Healthwatch Solihull

Healthwatch is the independent consumer champion for health and social care. Healthwatch Solihull is one of more than 150 similar organisations across England. The service is run by a partnership of local organisations led by Solihull Sustain.

Healthwatch is tasked with ensuring that the views and experiences of local people are heard by those who plan, run and regulate health and care services.

Healthwatch functions include:

  • gathering local people’s views about health and social care services
  • making people’s view known to service providers and commissioners
  • promoting involvement of people in commissioning and provision of services
  • carry out ‘Enter and View’ visits to health and social care services
  • recommending investigation or special review via Healthwatch England and the Care Quality Commission
  • providing information about local health and social care services (and how to complain)

Contact Healthwatch Solihull

Other volunteering opportunities in Solihull

Every charity and community group relies on its people to make a contribution, and volunteers are a huge part of this. Other opportunities to support Solihull charities can be found by contacting them directly:

Solihull Sustain

Solihull SUSTAiN provides a number of services to the community and voluntary sector in Solihull. If you are an organisation looking for help, services that Solihull Sustain provide include:

You can visit the Solihull Sustain website for a complete list of services available to the voluntary and community organisations.

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