Home safety and security

Home safety and security

Essential advice and support to protect yourself from crime at home, and stay safe in your home from fire and accidents with gas and electricity.

Solihull Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound is a service provided by Solihull Community Housing which provides support to help people live independently and remain in their own homes.

You can use the service if you:

  • are an older person
  • are a vulnerable person
  • live in Solihull
  • have a working telephone line and telephone
  • have an electrical socket close to the telephone point

An alarm unit will be installed which you can use when there is an emergency.

To find out more about Safe and Sound you can visit the Solihull Community Housing website.

10 top tips to make your home safe

By taking just a few simple steps and precautions, you can help make your home less attractive to thieves and burglars.

You can also stay safe inside and outside of your home with these 10 top tips:

  1. Do not leave mail or keys near external doors, letterboxes or windows
  2. Close and lock all doors and windows, whether you are inside or not
    • make sure you put all sets of keys in a safe place which is out of sight. You should make sure it is easy to get to in case of an emergency
  3. Keep any side gates and entrances locked
  4. Make sure that garages and sheds are locked
    • garden tools such as ladders and hammers can be used to break into property
  5. Use timer switches on your lights, television and radio
    • it will look like someone is in the house even if you are out
  6. Get your own safe or secure storage for valuables, sentimental items and jewellery
    • make sure it is securely fixed to a solid surface which cannot be moved, like a ground floor
  7. Have a house alarm system fitted
    • opportunist burglars stay away from houses with alarms
  8. Install external lights which operate by sensor from dusk to dawn, when it is getting dark and night time
    • the lights light up your house, so it can be seen more easily which puts off burglars
  9. Keep boundary markers, such as garden fences, hedges and walls high at the side and back of your property with boundaries at the front kept low
    • this will make it hard for burglars to hide and you will be able see your property clearly
  10. Photograph and mark your valuable items and sentimental objects
    • marking your things with your postcode and house number can help recover them if they are stolen. You can also register your valued items with their serial numbers at immobilise.com

Other advice for keeping your home safe and secure can be found at the Age UK website.

Fire safety at home

Fire and smoke can spread very quickly and both can kill. It is important to fit smoke alarms in your home and test them regularly. The Gov.uk website has a lot of information, help and advice on fire safety in the home.

Solihull Community Housing works with West Midlands fire Service to provide a free service to check your home for fire safety. Firefighters from your local fire station will visit your home to reduce the risk of fire.

The Home Safety Check takes about 30 minutes and will:

  • provide and fit a free smoke alarm if needed
  • give you fire safety advice
  • take place by appointment for your safety and security
  • be carried out by firefighters wearing uniform and carrying identification (ID) - you should ask to see the identification

Home safety checks for fire safety are available to anyone. To arrange your fire safety check call the Fire Safety in the Home freephone telephone number 0800 389 5525.

If you are deaf, deafened, hard of hearing BID Services Solihull offer referrals to the Fire Service for Home Safety Checks and appropriate equipment such as flashing or vibrating fire alarms.

Further advice on staying safe with fire is available from the West Midlands Fire Service website.

5 top fire safety tips

It is also important that you know how to prevent fires from starting at home and how to be aware of the risks. These 5 top tips will help you stay safe with fire:

  1. Do not sit too close to a heater and never cover a heater
  2. Check everything is safe and switched off before going to bed
  3. Do not overfill frying pans and deep fat fryers or leave them alone
  4. Plan an emergency escape route in the event of an accident or fire
  5. Use candles in the home very carefully

Fire safety guidance for professionals

West Midlands Fire Service have produced fire safety guidance for professionals and carers who work with adults with care and support needs.

5 top gas safety tips

You should regularly check your gas supply if you use gas at home. These 5 top tips will help you stay safe with gas:

  1. Only use Gas Safe (the new name for CORGI) registered engineers to work on your gas appliances
    • make sure you ask to see their Gas Safe register ID card
    • find or check an engineer by visiting the Gas Safe Register website or by calling 0800 408 5500
  2. Have your gas appliances checked by a Gas Safe engineer every year
  3. Your gas appliances should have sharp blue flames
    • If there are rounded yellow flames you should have the appliance checked
  4. Install a carbon monoxide alarm which makes a sound if it senses gas
    • carbon monoxide does not always smell and can build up quickly
  5. If you do smell gas:
    • leave your home immediately
    • call the National Grid gas emergency number on 0800 111 999

More gas safety tips are available from the Gas Safe Register website.

5 top electrical safety tips

It is important to regularly check there are no faults with your electrics at home. These 5 top tips will help you stay safe with electricity:

  1. Turn off all appliances when you are not using them and take the plugs out of the wall
  2. Do not plug to many things into one power socket
  3. Make sure children cannot put their fingers in power sockets safe by fitting them with socket covers
  4. If you use an electrical blanket in bed, make sure you unplug before getting into bed and do not use it with a hot water bottle
  5. Make sure you have any work done on your electrical appliances by a qualified electrician
    • You can find a reliable trader by using the No Rogue Traders Here system, backed by Solihull Council by:

More electrical safety tips are available from the Electrical Safety First website.

Other advice to stay safe

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