Employing a Personal Assistant

Employing a Personal Assistant

If you are receiving Direct Payments or self-funding your care, you may find that having a personal assistant works for you. A personal assistant can help you:

If you do have a personal assistant you will become an employer and need to meet certain rules.

Employing a personal assistant yourself

If you have a personal assistant, (also known as a paid worker, staff member or PA), as part of your chosen care and support services you become an employer. This means you have certain responsibilities.

You are responsible for:

  • making sure they are allowed to work in the UK
  • paying them on time
  • registering as an employer with HMRC (letting the taxman know)

It can be complicated becoming an employer and handling the extra responsibilities that you have to take on.

Someone is employed by you if:

  • you decide what hours they work
  • you are responsible for the work they do for you
  • you provide them with the equipment to do their work

Skills for Care

The Skills for Care website has an online toolkit about employing personal assistants.

The Skills for Care toolkit is split into 6 separate sections:

  1. Benefits of employing a personal assistant
  2. Recruiting a personal assistant
  3. Before your personal assistant starts
  4. Managing your personal assistant
  5. Training and qualifications
  6. Sorting out problems

The government also provides advice on employing staff and what you need to do from the official Gov.UK website

Solihull Council also provides advice for employing personal assistants. The following documents will ask to be downloaded onto your computer.

Advice from Solihull Council is also available for personal assistants or people considering becoming a personal assistant. The following documents will ask to be downloaded onto your computer.

Employing a personal assistant with a home care agency

You may find it is better for you to hire a personal assistant through an agency. This will give you less control and choice over who helps you and what they do but you will not have the responsibility of being an employer.

  • You can find out about local home care agencies in Solihull by getting in touch with Ideal for All the Solihull Council direct payments partner.

You could also try:

Before deciding to work with a home care agency, you should visit the Care Quality Commission website and check their latest CQC inspection report.

Family members and personal assistants

You may like to ask close family members or your closest friends to help you be an employer.

If this person manages the payroll system to pay your personal assistant or carries out other administrative duties they may charge you for the work.

They cannot charge you if they help you manage your role as an employer.

Solihull Council will have to agree that you can use your direct payments to pay a family member.

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