Support to Success

Support to Success

Have you noticed that your money does not go far due to higher living costs, loss of employment or changes to benefits?

Are you wondering what changes to Universal Credit mean to you?

Do you want to start using the internet but don’t know where to start?

Or perhaps you’d like to feel healthier?

Support to Success brings together, in one place, local advice and support available to help you to be successful in 5 key areas:

Get budgeting

Many people don’t immediately notice the effect of an increase in living costs such as food and heating or loss of employment or a reduction in benefits… until the bills get harder to pay.

Creating a budget could help keep your household finances in order and allow you to put cash away for emergencies such as car repairs.

If you are currently on out of work benefits the introduction of Universal Credit will require you to budget as all your benefits will be paid in a monthly lump sum.

For support to successfully get budgeting you can:

Getting help with debt

People fall into debt for a variety of reasons such as loss of employment or a large unexpected expense.

If you have loans, credit cards or other debts that you are feeling you are never going to clear, you can get support to successfully get help with debt:

Getting online

More and more companies, services and local resources are accessible only via the internet and ‘getting online’ has become important for every age group. 

Having access to the internet would also enable you to shop for the cheapest energy bills, services and food, whilst also enabling you to keep in touch with family and friends.

For support to successfully get online you can:

New support for basic computer skills from Solihull Libraries

Are you job searching and find that you need to gain basic computer skills to help you?

Solihull Libraries are now offering free training using the Learn My Way website with staff to guide you.

Getting a bank account

Many banks offer a basic bank account that will enable you to receive payments, pay bills and withdraw cash for free but should not let you go into debt.

On the introduction of Universal Credit you will need a bank account to receive your benefits.

You could open a Credit Union Account as an alternative to a bank account.

Various Credit Union accounts will enable you to pay bills, have a pre-paid debit card, save or even take out an affordable loan.

For support to successfully get advice on the right bank account for you:

Advance Credit Union also covers the Solihull area. For more information on opening an account or on services they provide:

Getting healthier

Taking steps to get healthier could give you more energy, make you feel good about yourself, increase your mobility, help you live for longer and may save you money.

For support to successfully get healthier you can:

For advice and support on keeping fit, eating healthily and alcohol you can visit:

If you are concerned about your weight speak to your GP about a referral to your nearest Weight Watchers group or Specialist Weight Management Clinic.

If you are concerned about your own or someone else’s drinking or drug use then for confidential advice and information contact:

  • Solihull’s Integrated Addiction services on 0121 678 4730

For more information on how we can Support You to Your Success call 0121 704 8100.

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